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Founder Members :- Shri Yashwant Bhobe Capt.Jambotkar Shri V.K.Kotnis Smt.Mukta Kotnis and Shri Sadashiv Raokavi started the school on 18th March 1950. 

The first managing committee of Saraswati Mandir Education Society was constituted in 1955-56 with Shri.Laxmikant Dabholkar as President , Shri Raokavi as Vice –President, Smt. Mukta Kotnis as Chairperson, Shri B.P.Sabnis as Secretary and Shri.N.S.Bhende as Treasurer. Other committee members were Shri G.N.Nabar  Shri.Jambotkar   Prof.Lotlikar  Shri. V.K.Kotnis and Shri Bhobe. 

Smt.Mukta V. Kotnis :-  Studied at Hingne Stree Shikshan Sanstha and later graduated from SNDT university Pune. She joined Saraswati Mandir in 1950 and worked as Hon. Superintendent of the school till 1965 and was chairperson of Executive Council since inception and thereafter took over as Vice-President and continued in that capacity till 1982.

Shri S.V. Pikale :-  Advocate Supreme Court joined as Vice-President in the year 1967 and became President in 1977. He continued in the position till 2009. He is a friend, guide and philosopher for this institution. He has donated a large amount from S.V.Pikale Trust and collected donations through his contacts for the entire construction of the fifth floor of our main school building. For the dedicated services to the institution Shri S.V.Pikale has been awarded as President Emiratus since 2009.

Shri V.K.Kotnis :-  A cost accountant by profession, whole heartedly supported Smt. Mukta Kotnis in her work at Saraswati Mandir. He literally contributed, “ Tan-Man- Dhan” for the school. He took over as Hon.Treasurer of the society in 1957 and continued in that capacity till 1981. The administrative system started by him during his tenure as Hon.Treasurer is still in vogue till today.


Smt. Ahilya V. Kamat :-  was the first Principal of Saraswati Mandir High School. She joined as Principal in 1958 and retired in 1985 after 27 years of long dedicated service. There after she joined the managing committee and was elected as Vice-President of Saraswati Mandir Education Society

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